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Horses give us so many gifts everyday.  Gifts like unconditional love, peace, complete acceptance and real connection. 


My personal mission statement is to give back to horses what they give to us so freely.  To give them a voice in order to heal and deepen the connection between horse and their human partner.

Hello, my name is Kaelyn.  I have been an animal lover my entire life, with horses being my main passion.  What I love most about horses is their incredible souls and how forgiving they can be.  That is why I wanted to find a way to give back to them.  


I went to work getting certifications in several modalities:  

- Craniosacral therapy

- Myo-manipulative massage therapy

- Kinesiology tape

- Reiki 

- UQT (Universal quantum therapy) 

- Chakra healing 

- Sound healing with tuning forks and singing bowls  


I’m committed to continue investing in my education in order to provide the highest level of service to my equine clients and their humans.


What I’ve discovered over the last years working with horses, is that their pain isn’t just physical. It’s often emotional and spiritual imbalances as well.  This is why I’ve incorporated energy healing techniques with the physical modalities I use in order to help the horse heal at a much deeper level.

The focus of my services is now and will continue to be on helping to facilitate healing for my equine clients body, mind, and spirit.


​I named my business Yellow Roses Healing to honor and pay tribute to my grandmother. She was the kindest, most loving, and forgiving person I’ve ever known.  


Through her actions she taught me to always provide comfort to others who are struggling, to encourage those she cared for (which was everyone!) to follow their heart and support them on their journey. I have strived to be like her with all my interactions with people and animals.  


Yellow roses were my grandmother's favorite flower, but that isn’t the only reason the color is special to me. Yellow for me represents balance, happiness, and brighter days.. 


What is the difference between a therapist and a healer?  A therapist is someone who is trained in a specific type of therapy and methods.


A healer isn’t someone we go to for healing, a healer is someone who holds space for us so that we may awaken our own inner healer.  Once we do, we can then begin healing ourselves.  


At my core, I am a healer.  

Not your typical bodywork session...


About Me


What my clients are saying

Kaelyn traveled all the way out to our ranch on multiple occasions to work on my gelding, Goose, who was having knee and other secondary problems. After just a few ANMR, cold laser, massage, and K-tape treatments Goose was feeling significantly better and got completely healed up and is now walking with zero lameness. He passed with flying colors from our regular horse vet as well! Kaelyn is always on time, prepared, and cares for your animals as if they were her own. She is also great with communication, diligent with her records and keeps you updated with her treatment progress reports. I'll continue be in touch with her if we happen to have more horse injuries in the future. Even if she can't be here in person she's always available to do remote energy work as well whenever we need her 5 stars all the way!~

Erica Ebeling

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