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My Mission

My approach is intuitive guidance by the horse on where there are blockages and restrictions in their bodies, help through certain services I offer to support them in working to release, and begin feeling balanced.

About Me

Hello, my name is Kaelyn.  I have been an animal lover my entire life.  What I love most about horses is their incredible soul and how forgiving they can be.  That is why I wanted to find a way to help them back as a thank you.  So, I went to work on getting my certifications in several modalities in alternative holistic healing techniques.  

What I have discovered in my studies is there's so much more than just physical pain.  I have also incorporated energy healing techniques to help go deeper into the healing journey.

As you explore my page, you will find 2 different ways I focus on helping your equine partner.  These can also be combined for the ultimate healing journey.  With all the services I offer, I am focused on healing them body, mind, and spirit.

What my clients are saying

I never believed in massage therapy for my horses till Kaelyn worked on my girls.. WOW, their eyes closed, they licked their lips and you could tell that they loved it.

She is incredible. My girls and I look forward to the nest time..

Kim Gloege - Client review on Facebook

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Kaelyn Dowdy



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