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What to expect at each session

I want your horse to be able to get all the benefits from each of their sessions, so here are some things you can do to prepare and expect with each visit.  

First, I would like to state that my services are not a substitute for veterinary care and I do not diagnose.  

Please have your horse caught and groomed of any dirt before our session.  This will help cut down on time for prep and I will be able to focus more time on your partner.

I appreciate no food at the area where I will be working to help reduce the distractions so I can make sure your horse is present with his mind.

At every session I like to take before and after pictures.  This allows me to see the progress and I am able to mark them up and add them to their report.

Many times I get quiet while working.  This allows me to focus on my energies and connection with your horse as I work with blocked energy and tension.

Payment is due at time of session.  

Cancellations must be made with a minimum of 24 hour notice. A fee of 50% will be charged if cancellation is made within 24 hours of appointment.

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