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Bodywork and Energy Work Rehab

Over time, energetic and emotional imbalances can manifest into physical ailments as well as dis-ease of body, mind, and spirit. We as humans in today's world tend to suppress our emotions and hustle until we are exhausted. Some of us have even been through traumatic experiences, but have pushed them down.

Horses can also experience traumatic events other than accidents. They also experience emotions that they can't let go of. I am here to help.

Along with bodywork, my energy services allow me to connect and go deeper to the trapped energies and emotions to help your horse with releasing and letting go. 

The benefits of bodywork and energy work include emotional regulation, resolving behavioral issues, mystery lameness, pain memory, muscle restrictions, compensation patterns,  and more. 

It takes time to unwind everything the horse has held onto before we start getting to the core root. 

Results very from horse to horse and rarely see full healing occur in just one session.

I have several options for packages based on the needs of your horse. 

My Services

Marjorie Hahn

Yellow Roses Healing, LLC worked on Taz today as well! I'm so thankful I have her to work on Taz. I was going to sell him give up on him then Taylor Matye shared with me about Kaelyn, this was a blessing as I have decided I'm keeping Taz for ever! Kaelyn has brought us so close together as a team I never thought possible! Taz loves our sessions and feels so much better. Yellow Rose Healing not only saved me, but saved my horse! Words will never be able to describe how grateful I am!! Schedule today you won't regret it!!"
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