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Intro to Equine Kinesiology Workshop

This 4 hour long workshop is for the owners, trainers, or professionals who want to help support their horses and keep them comfortable

What you will learn in this class:

-What kinesiology tape is

-How it works

-What changes and results you may see

-When and when NOT to tape

-A few basic applications

By the end of class, one should know how tape works and  be able to apply the applications.

Group price:  $300/person

One-on-One:  $500

Payment is due prior to class to reserve one's spot.

NO REFUNDS due to limited space



Soothe the Soul Group Clinics

This is a unique opportunity to come together in a small group setting to help deepen the connection between you and your horse. The focus of these group clinics is to create a safe place to go deep within yourself and discover how to hold space to help you and your horse heal together.




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