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Through my journey as a bodyworker, I have come into contact with energy work.  For me, it is just as important as the physical work.  Not only am I able to work with your equine's physical ailments through touch, but I am also able to help on an energetic level.  With this, I am also able to work not only on the body, but mind and spirit as well.

Below are the energy healing services I offer.  These services are not just for your equine partner.  You can also benefit from these amazing techniques.  Not only can I perform these in person, but I am able to provide energy healing at a distance.  Energy is not bound by space or time.  So, it works no matter where we are in the world.

Energy Rehab

Does your horse have a mystery lameness?


Does your horse still struggle after an injury or accident?


Is your horse shutdown emotionally?


Is your new horse having problems adjusting to their new surroundings?


Are you feeling overwhelmed and unsure why?


Dealing with a lot of stress and find yourself bringing it to the barn?


Over time, energetic and emotional imbalances can manifest into physical ailments and dis-ease of body, mind, and spirit.

We as humans in today's world tend to suppress our emotions and hustle until we are exhausted. Some of us have even been through traumatic experiences, but have pushed them down.

Horses can also experience traumatic events other than accidents. They also experience emotions that they can't let go of.

I am here to help. Along with bodywork, my energy services and connect and go deeper to the trapped energies and emotions and help your horse, or yourself, with releasing and letting go.


I am able to perfom these services in person or remotely.


Energy Healing Services

Universal Quantum Therapy (UQT)


UQT is a special technique developed by an amazing healer and my teacher, Tish Stiles. This is an energy technique that allows me to work on people or animals, in person or remotely. I focus my attention on my books that allow me to work on all systems of the body. There is so much in our systems that are linked to one another and I can help find the disruption of energy and help balance it. The price varies depending on whether I am working on a person or animal, as well as the type of animal. I run 2-3 sessions per day, depending on what I find in my first run through. This is not reiki, but is a form of energy work that has been proven to work.

*Price above reflects horses.

Small animals: $30/day

People: $80/day

Emotional Balance


My emotional balance and release technique is great for not only animals, but for people as well. Negative emotions that are held on to can eventually affect a person or animal physically. Emotions are linked to organs and organs can affect the rest of the body. Sometimes an ailment is directly affected by an emotion. I am able to find the negative emotions, help the person or animal release those emotions, and then I will replace with positive emotions. After, I then balance all the chakras that need balancing. I am able to use this technique in person and even remotely. The price varies depending on whether I am working on a person or animal, as well as the type of animal. The session is 30 minutes or longer, depending on how many emotions need released and balanced.

*Price above reflects horses.

Small animals: $25/session

People: $60/session



Reiki is a powerful healing technique.  It is performed by using hands to send universal energy to the client.  Reiki is known to improve ones immune system, help ease the grieving process, and help promote relaxation, confidence, and peace.  I am able to work on people and animals of all kinds.  This amazing healing technique can be performed in the comfort of your own home or distance.  I have felt the power of reiki and it is a beautiful and incredible experience.

What my clients are saying

I second that! Yellow Roses Healing, LLC worked on Taz today as well! I'm so thankful I have her to work on Taz. I was going to sell him give up on him then Taylor Matye shared with me about Kaelyn, this was a blessing as I have decided I'm keeping Taz for ever! Kaelyn has brought us so close together as a team I never thought possible! Taz loves our sessions and feels so much better. Yellow Rose Healing not only saved me, but saved my horse! Words will never be able to describe how grateful I am!! Schedule today you won't regret it!!


~Erica Ebeling

Kaelyn is always on time, prepared, and cares for your animals as if they were her own. She is also great with communication, diligent with her records and keeps you updated with her treatment progress reports. I'll continue be in touch with her if we happen to have more horse injuries in the future. Even if she can't be here in person she's always available to do remote energy work as well whenever we need her 😊 5 stars all the way!~

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